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Curriculum Vitae

Loyal, driven, and determined to succeed.

I am an enthusiastic and approachable individual, always striving to learn and grow as a person. I studied at the University of Hull where I achieved a first-class masters degree with honours in computer sciences. I led the development of a flagship product whilst working with a global brand management organisation which aimed to reduce the human input to a workflow solution. Prior to this I worked alongside the NHS and the freighting industry in the provision of programming solutions ranging from conversion to paperless systems, to business management solutions. I currently work as a Software Engineer at BJSS, following the in house Agile methodology focused on cross pollination of skill sets and roles within a cohesive team. I develop software in a customer facing role on client sites. I have also represented companies single-handedly intercontinentally to roll out software and make professional connections within that region to help strengthen inter-departmental relations.


The University of Hull (2013-2016)

MEng with Honours in Computer Sciences      1st Class

Dissertation: “A risk styled strategy game”          High 1st (88%)

Programmed in Visual Studio using WPF C# and XAML, this game set in space comprises of vast arrays of features including but not limited to: AI decision support systems, a wealth of in game customization and development, a turn based combat system, procedurally generated game spaces and maps & a rich lore content.

Highly Commended Modules include:
  • Development Project (Dissertation) 88% (Double 1st)
  • Components Based Architecture 88% (1st)
  • Data Mining and Decision Systems 85% (1st)
  • Distributed Systems 79% (1st)
  • Commercial Development Practice 78% (1st)
  • Maintaining Large Software Systems 76% (1st)
  • Electronics and Interfacing 75% (1st)
  • Trustworthy Computing 74% (1st)
  • Distributed Applications 71% (1st)
  • 3D Graphics & Simulation 70% (1st)
  • Database Techniques 70% (1st)

University Campus Suffolk (2011 – 2013)

FdSc in Computer Networking
Including a module in personal development, achieving a Distinction.

West Suffolk College (2008 – 2011)

BTEC IT Practitioners National Diploma                 Triple Distinction
Including 3 CISCO Modules including a High Commendation Letter for averaging 85%.

Great Cornard Upper School (2005-2008)

8 GCSEs at A-C Grade including Maths, Science and English at B Grade.

Technical Skills

  •          .Net Framework – C#, ASP.Net, WebAPI
  •          .Net Core 2
  •          JavaScript, Angular JS
  •          CSS / HTML, Angular Material, Bootstrap
  •         SQL Server & Database Techniques
  •          Xamarin – Xamarin.Mac / Mono
  •          TFS Build servers, Octopus Release Services
  •          NoSql Technologies, Redis, Elastic.
  •          Visual Studio 13/15/17, Visual Studio for Mac
  •          TFS, GIT – Source Tree, SVN
  •          Shell Script / Bash Script, Mac OS & AppleScript
  •          Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) / XAML
  •          AI Decision systems, Search Algorithms
  •          Unit Testing / Moq / Fakes Assemblies

Transferrable Skills

  •          Customer facing roles
  •          Problem Solving and Team Working
  •          Scrum Methodology, Scrum Mastery
  •          Sales and Promotional Skills
  •          Basic Accounting and Book keeping
  •          Written communication skills
  •          Presentation and demonstration skills
  •          RAD / Agile Methodology


  • VInvolved V50 Voluntary Award.
  • QCF HABC Level 2 Award in Food Safety.
  • AQA Youth Project: Applying for Funding.
  • Babergh District Council Community Achievement Award.
  • Suffolk Acre Probert Trophy for Community Achievement.

Work History

BJSS – Software Engineer

Duration: 2018-Present [Current Position]

I currently work as a Software Engineer at BJSS, following the in house Agile methodology focused on cross pollination of skill sets and roles within a cohesive team. I develop software in a customer facing role on client sites and out of the head office. This role has allowed me to adapt to the changeability of commuter commitments, as well as helped me adopt a ‘hit the ground running’ approach to client interaction, presentation and collaboration skills.

Sonoco Trident – Software Engineer

Duration: 2016-2018

I worked at Sonoco Trident in their development team working with their flagship products. I worked as the technical lead on a major ASP.NET web solution that integrates with all of the in-house Apple Mac’s by communicating via a Xamarin App local on each machine, providing services to automate the long processes of artwork manipulation. I would guide up to four people in the architectural design of global solutions, as well as take a hand on role in the provision and set up of deployment pipelines.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust – IT Consultant

Duration: 1 Year

I undertook a one-year placement at the NHS Foundation Trust in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. There, I worked on a team that specialized in the removal and translation of paper based forms to electronic workflow solutions. I would meet regularly with clients within the hospital and would analyze how best to fit the paper form presented into a feasible web form, I made use of a web form suite known as Liquid Office by Cardiff to implement these solutions, which primarily relied on heavy amounts of JavaScript.

IT Freelancing                                                          

Date: 2015 – Present

I have been approached to work on different projects big and small in my spare time, which I have formally undertaken since 2015. My most notable venture was working with a freighting company to create a WPF Application that managed the materials, invoices & ordering of the production of freight crates. After initial contact through the SEED program of Hull University, I maintained contact with my client after all academics had finished, and continued to produce releases for the product which eventually was able to generate the lengths, count, size & cut of materials that would be required per job.

Hollow Trees Farm Shop

Date: 2007-2016

From a young age, I got straight into work, and took a job dish washing at a local farm shop café. Over the years, I steadily grew from dish washing to running the kitchen as a senior chef, where I would manage the staff in my kitchen, and ensure ingredients were ordered and in stock, and account for the sales at the end of each month. I gained much of what is now my core business acumen, team working & problem solving skills from this long experience working high pressure hours in the kitchens. I would also have to handle sensitive matters including disciplinary actions as well as dealing with unhappy customers, a skill that comes naturally for me today.

Awards & Achievements:

The Game Dissertation:

For my third year of University I undertook a development project where I chose to craft a Risk styled strategy game set in space. I chronologically documented the processes and problems encountered, as well as introduce and present the end result implementation. During the final demonstration I was praised by the examining board for my unique blend of fun, well thought out and intricately designed components, as well as far surpassing the marking criteria. This in turn landed me with an overall mark of 88% (High First Class) among other various commendations, making it my proudest technical achievement to date.

Fundraising for the local community

After relocating to a rural area in Suffolk, I undertook the task of improving the vastly outdated and insufficient recreational facilities within the village. Over the course of a year, I raised along with friends £44,000 by presenting to panels, councils & grant holders our case. Once raised, we built a multi use games area in the village playing fields, which was opened in 2010.

Shortly after this, the local youth club, an important cornerstone in our community was about to declare bankruptcy, after a long fight, I along with friends took over the club and fund raised until the coffers spilled to ensure it would never be at risk again, as provision of these services are of the utmost importance to protect vulnerable young people. I was awarded a number of accolades above, in recognition of these achievements, to which I am very proud.


Hobbies & Interests:

I like to write, and am an advocate for growth and learning in young people; I funnel my energy into promotion of role playing games including Dungeons and Dragons, as I find the creative outlet it produces to be inspiring and exciting. I Currently run a game of Dungeon and Dragons as the ‘Master’ or story leader with a group of 6 people, which contains sci-fi and dystopian themes which I draw inspiration directly from games and films & books alike.

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