Orbital Obliterators


Orbital Obliterators is a turn based strategy game set in space, it encompasses that of our own universe by being vastly unpredictable and expandable.

The game focuses around the capturing of planets and their development and maintenance, and using said planets to educate units to fly into battle. There is a diplomatic structure, whereas a player may choose to trade with friends and foes and give gifts as well as a mission system for a introductory narrative. But yes, of course there is dog fighting and war to accompany the whole lot.

Fine-tune and customize your game-play with a fully configurable game menu.


The third year project I chose at the University of Hull was to create a risk styled strategy game, from this Orbital Obliterators was born. It had always been my intention to try an get a good grade and work hard on it, but I found myself working on it daily from morning to 5am! The result is a game I’m truly passionate about, currently in BETA phase of development. BETA trials have been distributed to some of my close friends and the game remains not publicly accessible.

The Project lasted a year by which point most basics were implemented and further development to the games AI capabilities as well as content is ongoing. The main year of development was accompanied by a dissertation report of some 86 pages, along with video demonstrations and presentations along the way.

Read the full Dissertation >>

Further Reading

Contained in the ePortfolio on this site are multiple articles outlining how this project was made and some of the research techniques and planning that went into the project as a whole. Below are a few honorable mentions:

Picture1 Project Planning

The critical part of a project by far is never the coding although we all want it to be. Planning a project with a good methodology is the key when it comes to success. Read More…

Picture4Conducting Research

Conducting research whether it is market research or research into appropriate techniques is the cornerstone of any modern project and was not underestimated in this project. Read More…

Picture3Carrying out a Study

Its important to look into what kind of game you’re really making… That way you can insure that you’re putting in the right level of cool when developing. Read More…

Picture5Game Statistics System

To keep a player entertained when creating a game that will intentionally last a long time, you need a robust system of content to keep them enthralled right up to the moment. Read More…

Picture2Inside the World Engine

The universe is a vast empty space of unimaginable possibility, this games most defining moment has to be its attempt to capture a little of that magic with the World Engine. Read More…

Picture6Creating the AI Decision System

To combat players not having any real friends they need someone to play against, the design and process to implement an AI decision system was the result of this problem. Read More…

Picture1332Building the Game Engine

Perhaps the most complex and challenging of the whole system, the main… system! The Game Engine forms the integral glue that holds and manages all the data. Read More…