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The Statistics System

One of the hardest things I came across when making Orbital Obliterators was the challenge of keeping a long game interesting. The more choice of content you provide for a player at the endgame the better, you can never have too much – Tom Day, 2015

For those that need reminding or those of whom who have just clicked onto this article, the contents below are relevant to the game “Orbital Obliterators“, and the process taken to make said game.


A Node is an object that can be captured to aid you in your conquest to win the game. Nodes provide passive buffs which increase your base stats, along with other special bonuses dependent on what kind of node you have. Each Node allows you to launch extra Ships on top of the standard army you hold on your home world. Each Node can be configured and upgraded using the manage section on the UI. Each Node can align itself with up to 3 affinities which shape the nodes strategic use.

Affinity Description
Bureaucracy Money based affinity, increases wealth output of planet considerably.
Imperialism Expansion affinity, increases movement speed and capture chance.
Industrialism Defensive / Production Affinity. Speed up production on planets.
Militarism Offensive Affinity, Provides stronger ships and harder hits.
Ecclesiasticism Religion based Affinity, adds a faith that aids your surrounding ships.

Node Stats

Node stats are statistical advantages that come with each node you capture. There are several types of stat a Node can come with, which either give a bonus to the respected Node, or add to your passive overall stats. All Nodes will come with some base stats, these are Sight, Initiative & Wealth. Depending on the planet type, they may come with addition bonus stats too.

Stat Type Passive? Effect
Fleets Yes The number of Fleets you have defines how many mobile Ships you can control at one time in one go.
Offensive Bonus Yes A % modifier to all your army’s Offensive strength.
Defensive Bonus Yes A % modifier to all your army’s Defensive strength.
Sight No A radius around the respect Node that you can spot enemy forces.
Luck Yes A % modifier to the Luck output of a battle.
Wealth Yes A % modifier to the incoming of your Nodes resources.
Criticals Yes A % modifier that allows a chance for your units to strike 150% in the battles.
Initiative Yes A Def/Off Buff % modifier that is applied to fights occurring in your space
Production Yes The Production rate per turn.
Salvagers Yes % modifier for Production.
Disciplined Yes % modifier to your Wealth production

Types of Node

Type Fleet Spawn Chance Summary
Standard Yes 10% F_Planet6This is a standard planet, which provides +1 Fleet, and like other nodes, will come with a random allocation of base stats.
Barron Yes 10% F_Planet3This is a Barron planet, it will have poor stats, but still provide +1 Fleet.
Moon Yes 10% F_Planet4This is a Moon planet, will generally have poor Sight Stat, But will provide +1 Fleet
Distorted Yes 10% F_Planet13Salvager’s bonus only. Otherwise redundant
Moltenus Yes 7% F_Planet1Moltenus planets will gain Wealth alongside high Luck.
Cosmic Yes 7% F_Planet8Cosmic worlds are high in Wealth, and will come with Criticals.
Frozen Yes 7% F_Planet15Frozen worlds are high in Wealth and Salvagers.
Outlaw Yes 5% F_Planet14Very high Offensive, high Wealth, & very low Defence and bad luck + costly to run.
Industrial Yes 5% F_Planet7Industrial planets gain Disciplined, Criticals along with double Fleet.
Cultural Yes 5% F_Planet5A cultural world will come with +1 Fleet, gain Disciplined Stat, And will always come very High Wealth.
Satellite No 5% F_Planet9Satellites give Oversight, and comes with a high Sight stat.
Wreckage No 5% F_Planet10Wreckage’s have a small Production Bonus, a small Salvagers bonus, But mainly provide Luck.
Nebula No 5% HF_Planet12igh Wealth & Initiative, whilst costing little to maintain.
Station Yes 5% F_Planet16High Sight and Salvagers along with a generally high Offense.
Martian Yes 5% F_Planet22Low Luck but high Salvagers and moderate Wealth.

Special Nodes

Type Fleet? Spawn Chance Summary
Home World Yes 1/Player F_Planet11This is your home world, which comes with a high Sight stat, and high Wealth and high Defence.
Tech World Yes 1-4 Rarely TF_Planet2his is a rare planet, appearing only a few times per match. It gives a high boost to production and unlocks unique items.
Dawnika Yes F_Planet20This is a The capital of the Dawnikan Empire ‘The people of the sun’. It will have a very high focus on Imperialism.
Vespardó Yes F_Planet191 This is a The capital of the Republic of Vespardó ‘The Lenders’. It will have a very high focus on Bureaucracy.
Últrehk Yes F_Planet18This is a The capital of the Últrehk Empire ‘The Honorable Warriors’. It will have a very high focus on Militarism.
Maurdórne Yes ThF_Planet211is is a The capital of Maurdórne ‘The Makers’. It will have a very high focus on Industrialism.
Quel’Thalas Yes F_Planet17This is a The capital of Quel’Thalas ‘The Home of the One True Faith’. It will have a very high focus on Ecclesiasticism.
Type Description
Asteroid 1An asteroid belt will hinder player movement as it gets in the way, it will also reduce a player’s sight past them and provide a defensive bonus if fighting nearby it. Like the other objects it can be seen as a religious significance and provide more benefits.
Black Hole 2A Black Hole can be harnessed for space travel with the right technologies unlocked… without such technology there is a small chance that your ships get sucked into it and destroyed. Like the other objects it can be seen as a religious significance and provide more benefits.
Erupting Star 3An Erupting Star exerts strength and power to its surrounding area, giving an offensive bonus if your ships fight nearby it. Like the other objects it can be seen as a religious significance and provide more benefits.
Tempest Storm 4A Tempest can be harnessed for space travel with the right technologies unlocked… without such technology there is a small chance that your ships get sucked into it and destroyed. Like the other objects it can be seen as a religious significance and provide more benefits.

Purchase or Upgrade Items

Upgrade and DevelopTo gain more stats on a Node that has previously been captured, a system of upgrades has been provided, accessible using a GUI implementation shown to the left.

PUI’s can be bought using the in game currency “cc” which is earned through Wealth per turn. It can also be Produced, by setting that upgrade as the Nodes production item, the amount of turns it takes to be earned is relative to a players Production stat.

There are overall around 180 different upgrade paths to choose from, but as mentioned at the top of this article, only 3 affinities can be selected limiting what can be bought at each Node.

There are a number of different types of PUI which are detailed below:

  • Policies, which add the described effect to that Node only.
  • Sciences, which in turn activate its particular effect game wide rather than just for the Node it has been implemented on.
  • Wonders, which can be either Policy or a Science but with the added condition that only one can be owned by any player at any one time.
  • Traits, which are only available to specific rulers and are otherwise unobtainable.
  • Unlockables, which don’t add any effect to a planet but instead unlock a unit, these items cannot be produced.

Some examples of Purchase or Upgrade Items are shown below:

PUI Type Summary
City State Intimidator Science

PUI_CityState_Intimidator Reputation increment with City-states is increased to +3 for every 3 of your units in their territory. (+4 if friendly or higher reputation is earned with the City-State.

Evasive Manoeuvres Policy

PUI_Evasive_ManoeuvresAll Ships built by this planet gain ‘Evasive Manoeuvres’. If the ship doesn’t use all moves in a go, +33% Hull Density.

Interstellar Travel Policy

PUI_Interstellar_TravelAll Ships produced by this planet gain an additional +1 to movement speed due to enhanced fusion engines.

Red Matter Science

RRed_Mattered Matter studies improve Black Hole harvesting. +1% Salvagers +1% per Black Hole under your control.

The Ion Cannon Wonder

PUI_The_Ion_CannonConstruction of the most devastating offensive weapon, The ‘Ion Cannon’, increases Base offensive strength by 1000.

The Watchful Peace Trait

The_Watchful_PeaceWith the capture of Vos-Narmás, the watchful Peace has started. Giving the Empire a high defence, + 10% Defensive Bonus.

Well of Fire Trait

PUI_Well_Of_Fire‘Wells of Fire begin from something, its finding out what that divides the men from the boys.’ Each Black Hole or Tempest Storm you occupy gains you 1% Offensive Bonus

Galactic Annihilator Unlockable

PUI_Unlock_Galactic_Annihilator Allows for this planet to build a Galactic Annihilator. Unlock new unit: – Galactic Annihilator, for combating foes.

PUI Overview Panel

The progress of the empire can be easily tracked through the overview panel which visualizes the technology trees available to the planets. This is shown below:


Faith & Strategic Objects

FaithsSome Nodes can adopt a faith by buying into the Ecclesiasticism policy tree, this in turn allows religions to emanate from the Node giving bonuses to all that are encompassed by it. The bonuses themselves are relative to the Faith adopted and how many of the Faiths aligned strategic objects you possess. Faiths can only be adopted once throughout the whole game and a Node with a Faith cannot recruit the units needed to capture further Nodes. an example of some faiths are shown to the right.

The Player Overview Panel

Profile - CopyFinally, you need to have the way to which a player can check out all of the stats and figures of their opponent, so after implementation of all of the stat systems, the Player Overview Panel ties it all together nicely. Show to the left it portrays the following information:

The dominance figure indicates the players dominance of the map and the reputation bar indicates your reputation standing with the player you’re looking at.

Above the reputation bar you’re provided with stats indicating how many Nodes you own, Ships available, Space occupied, Production and Currency. The statistics box outlines the total of all of your Node and empires statistics added together.

Within the game settings it is possible to turn some visibility or all visibility of these stats to outside players off to allow for a hardcore play style. although most will find that it is a useful utility to get their bearing on who in the universe is a true threat.

Points System

One thing that isn’t hidden through any play mode is the players total Points. This is a none revealing method to portray to other players how well a player is doing in their game, however it is hard to pinpoint which field the player is doing well in, maintaining the hardcore element of play style. The Points for am player are worked out using the following pseudo code:

int Points = 0;
//Per Node Points Assessement.
foreach (Node n in PlayerNodes)
    //Apply Points relative to Node Rarity.
    Points = Points + Node.getPointsFromRarity(n);

    //Apply 3 Points per PUI earned.
    Points = Points + (n.PUIs.Count * 3);

    //Apply 3 Points per Ship Unlocked.
    Points = Points + (n.Ships_Unlocked.Count * 3);

    // Apply 25 Points per Wonder obtained.
    foreach (PUI_Types p in n.PUIs)
        if (PUI.IsOnePerGame(p))
            Points = Points + 25;
return Points;

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